BiiSafe Buddy Store

Buddy is a Smart Button that makes your life safer.
Share your location and alarms messages easily, never leave your belongings behind and keep track on your activity with BiiSafe Buddy.

Works With the Application
Buddy works with the BiiSafe Buddy application. You can download the app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets for free from App Store and Google Play. Buddy’s operational range is from 10 to 30 meters while indoors, and up to 100 when outdoors. The compact Buddy has one clear button, colour light and speaker.
Share Your Location and Call for Help
You can share your location easily by pressing the Buddy. For example, while driving home from work you can keep your family aware of your location without touching your phone, or your children can keep you updated on their whereabouts after school. Double press share your location and a predefined message, and in case of an emergency, keep your Buddy pressed for 2 seconds or more to send a distress message. Your family members will see on the map where you are and what was your message. With the latest application update, you can now also send customized messages directly from the application.
Move More and Set Goals
Buddy is also a step counter. With its built-in motion sensor the Buddy will track your activity during the day and you set your goals according to the number of steps, distance or burnt calories. You can see your daily and monthly progress from the app and compare your results easily with the other members of your family.
Keep Your Things Safe
Use Buddy as a key fob or attach it to your purse, wallet or USB-key. With the help of your Buddy, your important items stay safe, since the Buddy will alert you if you are leaving them behind. Both the Buddy and your phone can be made to sound an alert when the Bluetooth connection between them is lost. You can search for a lost Buddy from the application and make it sound an alert. If the Buddy is beyond your phone’s Bluetooth range, you can see on the map where you last had it with you. If you’ve lost your phone, you can triple press your Buddy to make your phone sound an alarm, even if it’s on silent mode.